Wisdom Teeth Impaction: All You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth are one of the last to develop in your mouth, usually appearing in your early twenties. These molars, or third molars, usually cause no problems for patients until they begin to grow in and encounter other teeth, but this can lead to infections or painful headaches if not dealt with. When these issues arise, you must know what type of impaction you’re dealing with, so you can get the correct treatment as soon as possible to avoid future health problems and discomfort.

What Is Wisdom Teeth Impaction?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars you grow, and they typically come in around your mid-twenties. If wisdom teeth are properly lined up with the other teeth in your mouth, there should be no problem. But it’s not uncommon for them to become impacted. When wisdom teeth don’t have room to come through the gums, they can shift and grow sideways or even become completely blocked from coming out. When this happens, it’s called impaction. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is often recommended to avoid complications caused by them. 

Types of wisdom teeth impaction

There are three types of wisdom teeth impaction. These include impacted, partially erupted, and fully erupted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth do not break through the gum line and remain stuck underneath the gums. Partially erupted wisdom teeth have broken through the gum line but only partially surfaced into the mouth. Fully erupted wisdom teeth have emerged completely out of the mouth and are visible from the side of your face.

Causes of Wisdom Teeth Impaction

The most common cause of wisdom teeth impaction is not enough room in the jaw for all four wisdom teeth, and they are unable to break through the gum line. Lack of space can be caused by an overbite or overcrowding. In a severe case, wisdom teeth may grow at a diagonal angle and become impacted between the molars. Wisdom teeth that are still under the gums can be removed with a surgical procedure called cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Impaction

The symptoms of wisdom teeth impaction can vary depending on the severity of the condition. In some cases, you may not experience any symptoms until the impaction has reached a more advanced stage. The most common symptom of wisdom teeth impactions is pain in the area where your wisdom tooth should have emerged. Other signs and symptoms include swelling, pus from the gum line, difficulty chewing or biting food on one side of your mouth, and an inability to open your mouth fully.

Treatment of wisdom teeth impaction

The treatment of wisdom teeth impaction varies, depending on how far the tooth is impacted. In general, wisdom teeth impaction can be treated with a surgical procedure called Wisdom teeth removal Sydney. This surgery removes the tooth and adjusts the jawbone so that it is in the correct position. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove one or more adjacent teeth in order for this surgery to work. The surgery usually lasts about two hours and patients will need one or two days of recovery time before they can eat solid foods again. For Wisdom Teeth removal Cost Sydney, please get in touch with your dentist.

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