Essential Info – What is included in an End Of Tenancy Clean?

A lot of individuals do not own properties, such as a house or condo units that’s why they have to pay the rent for their accommodation every month with other obligations just as energy bills. I supposed you know that this is quite an expensive lifestyle, especially when you are moving in for the first time because you have initial as well as advance deposits. The same thing will happen if you are going to move to a different location but this time you have to consider cleaning before leaving the place.

For some, cleanliness is a must that’s why they do not have a problem whenever they have plans of leaving their homes so let’s say that housework is not something to be worried about. While other tenants in London are busy with the general cleaning which means that they need to make sure that the whole house is tidy. The place must have aged, especially when you had been living there for decades so everything is old and this might even be the reason why you are moving.

In such cases, you have to talk with the owner about what to do because they might want to remodel the house which means that you may leave it as is but you have to make sure that it would be clean enough, too. As for today, a lot of landlords in London have insured post tenancy cleaning company for their tenants so that moving out won’t be a problem in the future. This means that it is also possible that this fee is included in your contract, though sometimes, the owners may handle such costs so discuss this with them to find out what is included in the package.

End of Tenancy Clean

As a tenant, you should be aware of the policies that the house owner or landlord strictly implements before moving in because you have to follow them and these are usually stated in the contract. Once you signed, it means that you agree and understand the rules so playing ignorant won’t be an acceptable reason in the end. You came to this accommodation without any complaint because everything is working, in good condition, and clean as well.

This means that the moment you have decided to leave, this place must be left the way or how you came the first time. It is essential to clean every room and corner of the house. So if the contract says that someone will come to do the task, then that’s good, especially when such services are already paid for. 

It is a form of security for most tenants because, through these people, they increase the value or can bring back the beauty of the place. But in some cases where the fee is not included in your deposit, you have to find a company in London for cleaning services – see for a sample checklist.

Essential Info – What is included in an End Of Tenancy Clean?


It won’t be enough to scrub the tiles and make the sink twinkle like a bright star because the place must be disinfected as well because there might be some cockroaches hiding under the drawers or behind the walls. These unwanted visitors make the place smell bad and may bring bacteria so they must be eliminated. Even rodents and other insects should be exterminated because they will scare potential tenants who will be visiting later.

The experts will need to make sure that the exhaust or extractor fan, walls, and floor are all cleaned. If there are wooden cabinets or cupboards, then these must look brand new by using special formulas, such as beeswax rubbed on the surface. 

Living Room

This is usually the biggest area at home because everybody in the family stays here for bonding time and we often entertain our visitors here when we have small celebrations. Let’s say that this is where there is usually traffic so there could be scratches on the floor and the sofa might have sagged already but this is usually yours so you can always take them away. But for the floor, the experts must do something to make it cleaner so it is either changing the carpet or the tiles used.

If there are faulty electrical lines then these must be checked because you often use television, sound systems, and other electric appliance here. The walls, doors, and windows as well as HVAC systems must be inspected to make sure that everything is still in place. If there are glass windows that are broken or cracked, they must be changed, too.

This means that the task is not simply about keeping the place clean. We have to make sure that the landlord will not file complaints against us after leaving the house in a bad condition. This used to be our comfort zone, so let us allow the new tenants to feel secure and contented as well. 

Essential Info – What is included in an End Of Tenancy Clean?

Bathroom and Bedrooms

The experts need to ensure that the pipes are not clogged and the water is flowing well. I guess they have to suck the drainage to make sure that it will be free from debris, such as hair strands. This is usually the root of the problem of why water is not drained after having a shower so this must be eliminated.

These rooms must be disinfected, too, especially after having certain illnesses or viruses that might be left in the area. We need to think about the health of the people living after us. And then, these are usually our private spaces so let’s not leave anything that others should not touch.